Find out what your choices are and submit online.

Before the ceremony the Registrar will meet with you both, or individually if requested. This is to confirm the details that will be recorded in the marriage register. Each of you will need to give your father’s full name and occupation.

Ceremonies are in English. An interpreter must be present if either of the parties cannot speak or understand English. Also if you have hearing problems you may need to have an interpreter or lip reader at the ceremony.

Please contact us to book a ceremony.

What are my choices?

There are plenty of choices available to you when planning your ceremony. The attached booklet outlines the order of your ceremony and also has some suggested readings and promises for you to choose from, although you can also provide your own if you wish.... PDF Document Ceremony Choices (866 KB)

You also need to decide on what music you would like and what your preference is for exchanging rings.

How to confirm your choices to us

Once you have thought about what you'd like included in your ceremony, please submit your choices online.

Can I be given away?

Yes. You can choose how to start your ceremony, whether you wish to be walked in by a member of your family or whether you wish to enter together as a couple.

Can people take photos or videos of the ceremony?

We suggest that you have one main photographer that takes official photographs during the ceremony although we request that the use of a flash is minimal. It is possible for a video to be recorded of your ceremony.

Can we write our own vows?

You must say the legal vows at your ceremony but you can choose to add some extra words, if you wish. Please return them with your choices to ensure they are included in the ceremony.

What if we would like a Religious Ceremony?

For queries regarding religious ceremonies please contact us.

Church of England

When you have set the date, make an appointment to see the incumbent of the church you intend to marry in. Church of England clergy are authorised Registrars so there is no need to give notice at the Register Office. Banns are read in each parish on three Sundays before the wedding to announce your intention to marry.

Roman Catholic

If you wish to marry in a Catholic Church, you need to speak to the parish priest to make arrangements but a notice of marriage must be given at your local register office.

Other Religious Denominations

Marriages which are conducted according to the rite of other religious denominations also require a notice of marriage to be given to the Registrar. If the priest/minister is not authorised to solemnise marriages, a charge will be made for the Registrar to attend of £84.00.

Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Religious organisations differ on their policies with regards to single sex marriages. Please check with your religious organisation for individual clarification.

Civil partnerships can only be arranged at approved venues or registration offices.

Can we choose our own music?

Yes, if you wish to choose your own music you can specify the title of the track and, if appropriate, the number of the track on the CD of your choice. We can supply classical or modern music if you prefer.

If you are getting married at an approved venue please supply your music choices directly to them.

Can we have readings or poetry?

Yes, we have a selection of poetry and readings that you can choose from, you can also have your own but we will need to see them before the ceremony, preferably as soon as possible.

Can we have a ceremony in our back garden?

No. A marriage and civil partnership ceremony must be held at a licenced venue.