Information and advice about registering a civil partnership.

Who is eligible?

To have a civil partnership you must not already be in a civil partnership or marriage, be 16 years of age or older, and not be related.

In England and Wales, individuals who are aged 16 and 17 will have to obtain the written consent of their parents (or legal guardians) before registering a civil partnership.

Please note: From 2 December 2019, opposite sex couples are now eligible to have a civil partnership ceremony.

What happens at a civil partnership?

The couple will sign a civil partnership document in the presence of a registrar and two witnesses.

You may have a ceremony if you like, but it isn't required by law.

How much does a ceremony cost?

Civil partnerships ceremonies are charged in the same way as marriage ceremonies.

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How can I organise a ceremony?

Although a ceremony isn't required by law, you can have one at any registration office or approved venue.

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Can we change our names after a civil partnership?

After registering a civil partnership, you can change your surname to that of your partner's, or you can choose to hyphenate your names.

Government departments and agencies such as the Passport Agency and the DVLA will accept civil partnership certificates as evidence for changing names.