It’s a journey of promise that two make together
To find the happiness they’ll share forever
It’s a smile, a word, a gentle touch, that can’t be explained
– and yet means so much.

It’s making plans and seeing them through
And finding new things that two can do
It’s knowing the sky isn’t always blue
But smiling until the sun breaks through

It’s trust, and confidence – no hidden fears
That add to the happiness – through the years
It’s dreaming dreams, just made for two
And sharing the joy when they come true.

It’s closeness shared in a crowded street
And that special thrill as true lovers meet
It’s making a world where happiness holds
A special magic as each day unfolds

It’s when little thoughts give the heart a lift
An occasion remembered – a simple gift
It’s the faith and the hope, the pride and the care
And the wonderful world that you both share.


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