The day of your wedding, is a time to reflect
On the things you can hope for and the things to expect

You could hope for great riches, huge bundles of cash
But then lose it all, in a Stock Market crash

Or you could hope for, a life of great ease
With the time and the money, to do as you please

But it’s better to hope for, the good things in life
Like a long happy life, as husband and wife

Like the smile and the kiss, as you walk through the door
And the baby that wakes you, at a quarter to four

And a life of variety, with sunshine and rain
And Frosties for breakfast, instead of champagne

Expect times of anger, the occasional huff
Because no-one annoys you, like the one that you love

But don’t look for problems, that the future may bring
Just to love and be loved, is a wonderful thing

Life’s not all plain sailing, not always a ball
But I know you’ll be happy, because love conquers all.

Robert Palmer

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